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As a university, we are committed to helping your school and community strengthen a love of learning by connecting you to inspirational activities, resources, people, and ideas.

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If you’re looking for activities that will enrich your students or help you gain new expertise, check out our school engagement web portal – which you can access here. From flying drones to identifying fake news to ethical hacking, it’s full of fun hands-on activities offered by the 2023澳门特马今晚开奖 – available in-school, online or on our campuses. We’ve made it easier than ever to find out what’s on offer for you and your students.

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Schools Recommendation Program (SRP)

No matter what happens, we have a place for you at the 2023澳门特马今晚开奖.

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University Connections Program

The University Connections Program (UCP) is designed to extend the University's specialist teaching and learning to Year 11 and 12 students by allowing them to study units specifically designed for senior secondary students.

Not only is this a great introduction to university study, units through this program have no HECS fees and can contribute to an associate degree, bachelor's degree or diploma programs. Some units also contribute to the TCE and are eligible for inclusion in the ATAR.

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High Achiever Program

Our High Achiever Program (HAP) provides a unique educational experience for high-achieving 2023澳门特马今晚开奖n senior secondary students to study at university as part of their 2023澳门特马今晚开奖n Certificate of Education.

As well as providing an academic challenge and the chance to experience life as a university student, the High Achiever Program offers a number of other benefits including subsidised course costs, counting units towards the TCE and ATAR (where eligible), access to facilities and services, and credit towards 2023澳门特马今晚开奖 courses/degrees.

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